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Briargrove Barracudas FAQs



Who are the Briargrove Barracudas?

Briargrove Swim Team is a training and competitive summer only swim team. We are part of the Southwest Aquatics League, which consists of (5) community teams:

  • ●  Bellaire Barracudas

  • ●  Briargrove Barracudas

  • ●  Willow Wahoos

  • ●  West University Piranhas

  • ●  Southwest United made up of three small teams: (Southside, Briar Meadow, and JCC) 


Where do you swim?

Briargrove Pool, 2600 Briargrove


Do you have to be an expert swimmer?

The coaches do not expect our swimmers to be experts. However, for the safety of the children we do ask that they be familiar and comfortable with the water.


When is practice?

Each swimmer is expected to attend practice regularly. This time gives the coaches the opportunity to improve strokes, speed, and endurance. For the safety of everyone, cooperation with coaches is requested of each swimmer.

MAY Practice Schedule (afternoons)

  • 4:00-4:30 6 and Under (session 1)
  • 4:30-5:00 6 and Under (session 2)
  • 5:00-5:30 7 and 8 5:30-6:15
  • 9 and 10 6:15-7:00 11 and up

JUNE Practice Schedule (mornings) - beginning May 30th

  • 8:00-8:45 7 and 8
  • 8:45-9:30 9 and 10
  • 9:30-10:00 6 and Under
  • 10:00-11:00 11 and up

JUNE Stroke Clinics

  • Every Tuesday 6:30pm at Briargrove Pool Ages 7 and Up only
  • Every Wednesday 11:00am at Briargrove Pool Ages 7 and Up only


I wish my kids had practices back to back / Can I swim my child at a time convenient for my schedule?

With almost 175 CUDA swimmers, we hear the moms, receive feedback every year. In June older kids will swim first many of our CUDAs make it to camps each year, clearly with 175 kids the schedule will not be perfect for each family. Families with multiple children go and come back, other families opt to bring snacks and books and play and hang out at the pool until the next child's practice you're welcome to do whatever works for your family. 

Practices are built for swimmer safety and bulletproofing the kids in the water thus the breakdown by age group. Our focus is our CUDA when building the practices and staffing the coaches. Our goal is to coach our CUDAs to be the best swimmers they can be by the end of our short season. As you can Imagine the coaches have to teach each age group differently, a four-year-old requires much more management than a seven-year-old and likewise a seven-year-old requires more management that a 12-year-old again the reason for the age groups and again this is for the safety and benefit of our children.


How do swim meets work?


It is the parents' responsibility to provide transportation to and from meets for their swimmer. Age Determination: Birthdays on or before June 1 of the swim season will determine the age group in which the swimmer will compete. A swimmer must swim in at least 1 dual meet to be eligible for preliminaries. A swimmer may swim up one age group. All swimmers are limited to 3 individual events and one relay event per meet. If a team has a shortage of swimmers for a relay event, they may swim a younger swimmer in that relay.

Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool within 100 seconds in order to participate in a meet.

Approximate Time and Length of Swim Meets for Dual Meets

6 & Unders (Events 1-2, 17-18 and 29-30) Warm Up @ 4:30pm
Meet Starts @ 5:00pm
Meet Ends approximately 5:45

7-17 year olds (Events 3-16, 19-28 and 31-68) Warm Up @ 6:00pm
Meet Starts @ 6:30pm
Meet Ends approximately 9:30pm 

SWIMMER PARTICIPATION: Please do not leave the meet early with your swimmer if he or she is participating in a relay. You do not want to disqualify the entire relay team because one swimmer leaves early. Relay teams have been disqualified due to a swimmer leaving early. Swimming is a team sport and relays are dependent on all participants.

PARENT PARTICIPATION: Swim team is an ALL VOLUNTEER EFFORT. There are many jobs to be done in order to put on a meet and run the team. Each parent is required to help in some capacity at every meet. For many jobs, there are two shifts per meet. The second shift often starts around 6:00 PM or later, which allows working parents the opportunity to lend their assistance at meets. When you sign up a swimmer for swim team, you are expected to volunteer at the meets. If you choose not to help or are unable to help, you may buy out of volunteering at a $195.00 volunteer buy out rate.

ABSENCE: It is important that the team know when a child is not going to swim in a meet. On the website, parents are asked RSVP for the meets in which they know that their child (ren) can or cannot swim. If the parent is unsure at the time of registration or if a change occurs, it is the parent's’ responsibility to update RSVP’s on the website as soon as schedules are confirmed and notify the coach or the team rep if the swimmer is going to be out of town for a particular meet. Please do so as soon as possible before the meet. Several days’ notice is best. (Exceptions are understood in the case of sudden illness.)

AWARDS: In dual meets, ribbons are given in each event for first place through sixth place. Ribbons will be given to the swimmer as they exit the pool. At the ten and under meet, swimmers receive a ribbon for their place in their heat. At the end of the season, an awards banquet is held at our pool. Trophies are given for high point, most outstanding, and most improved for each age group. Everyone will receive a participation certificate. Please make every effort to attend this wonderful culmination to an amazing season of Cuda bonding. 


How do I stay up to date on the Briargrove Barracudas?

Our website ( is the main console for all information! Check the site frequently during swim season for updates on practices, meets, special events, and news.

Check your email frequently during swim season for updates on practices, meets, special events, and news.

Follow the team on Social Media:


We will be using the website, Twitter notifications and Facebook notifications and email when we have inclement weather updates. 


When are team photos?

  • Family Kick-Off Party First Thursday in June from 5:00pm-8:00pm
  • Individual photos at 4:00 | Team photos at 5:00
  • ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE IN TEAM CURRENT TEAM SWIM SUIT Continued individual photos after team photo
  • Family Dinner and Swimming for all 


What are the team swimsuits and how do I get one?

*Will be sold at practice on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Swimmers are required to wear their team suits on picture day and all swim meets .

Swimsuits are available for purchase from:

Texas Swim Shop 10429-B South Post Oak Houston, Texas 77035 (713) 723-0910

TSS very accommodating to our team and give us excellent prices. Swimsuit designs change every two years, on even years. You will be required to purchase a new swimsuit on even years.

2017 Swimsuit discounted suit prices for your team suits will be:

Female $62 + tax, Jammer $40.50 + tax

The suit is called Deep Within and is pictured below: 


Do I have to Volunteer?

Swim team is an ALL VOLUNTEER EFFORT. There are many jobs to be done in order to put on a meet and run the team. Each parent is required to help in some capacity at every meet. For many jobs, there are two shifts per meet. The second shift often starts around 6:00 PM or later, which allows working parents the opportunity to lend their assistance at meets. When you sign up a swimmer for swim team, you are expected to volunteer at the meets. If you choose not to help or are unable to help, you may buy out of volunteering at a $195.00 volunteer buy out rate.


What are the Volunteer Jobs?

Most jobs at meets usually work in shifts. Each shift lasts about two and a half to three hours. Parents of only six and under swimmers should sign-up for first shift.


Timers use stopwatches to time and record one lane in each heat. You will get wet!


Works with timer and writes swimmers number and time on cards, needs attention to detail and able to keep up with events and meet pace.


Writes times on ribbons and hands to swimmer, needs attention to detail and able to keep up with events and meet pace.


Judges observe a swimmer's strokes, touches, and turns. They decide, according to the league’s guidelines, if the swimmer should be disqualified. There will be one Judges Clinic just before the 10 and under meet and judges will use that meet to practice judging. BG Cuda judges will only judge BG Cuda swimmers and will turn Judge slips into Age Group coaches for refining and review.


Runners pick up the time cards from the timers for each event and take them to the scorers.

Enter and/or assist with entering timers’ cards into the computer as the meet progresses. You will be able to watch your swimmer's events.

non swim meet roles need chairs or volunteers. Team President will equip you to fully take ownership in your Chair position in anyone of the following: T-Shirt Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Chair any banquet or event, corporate underwriting, see CUDA 411 Volunteer list on website for Non Meet roles and new this year Cuda Cafe onsite concessions at the pool selling coffee and dollar items.

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned shift, please contact your head volunteer ASAP to help arrange a substitute or pay a shift fee so that we may hire a worker. 


How do I RSVP for meets?

1. Go to the BG Cuda’s website: . If you are on the mobile site, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “view full site.”

2. Look at the calendar on the left hand side of the home page.

3. Find the event you need to RSVP for, don’t click on the event yet. 

4. Locate the white RSVP button on the same row as the meet date and name.

5. Click on the white RSVP button.  If the site tells you you are not logged in, click the close button on the notification. The site will then prompt you to a password only login.  The password is CudaChamps.

6. Once this is done, go back to the white RSVP button. This will open a new tab.

7. Fill out who you are responding for, in the picture above it is filled out as, you can enter your own email which is attached to your swimmer’s name. Then mark your swimmer’s attendance for the meet.  And then make any additional comments, such as if your swimmer needs to leave early or will be late due to another commitment.

8. Click the blue “SAVE” button and you are done!

If your availability changes, please change your RSVP’s as soon as you know, UPDATE ASAP

Finally, go to Calendar on the top of the home page (under Events) and RSVP for each of the special team events including, Kick-Off Party, Green and White Meet and End of Season Banquet. 


What do we do when we arrive to meets?

Cuda Coaching teams will be the Pied Piper of each age group. Each coaching team will lead their kids at meets, sit with their kids at meets under the Age Group Specific Team Tents at the swim meets. Swimmers per age group will be required to stay in their tent with their age group coaches. Likewise, Coaches will be present in the tent and will lead ‘in the tent’ Cuda fun, love and cheering, supervision and leadership.

Because this will be a new flow to create the camaraderie, fun, and fellowship that we all love about our meets, we will practice this process at our pool everyday in May. Our age group tents will stay set up for all practices in May. Swimmers will arrive each day and report to their age group tents where their coaches will be ready to greet them with CUDA cheer. While ALL coaches will participate during ALL practices, the coaches per age group will lead their specific age group practice. The full flow and movement of all 'deck' activity will be led under the mentorship of our Deck Coaches, Melissa Brill and Alex Hale. 


I am interested in coaching the Barracudas.  Can you give me more information?

Coaches Work in Rotating Deck Positions
Deck positions are a place to start but because we offer the coach's flexibility keeping school first, we are then ‘responsive’ on site as directed by the deck coaches moving coaches where the need is and in response to coaches absent or needing to leave early. Our Coaching roster is built the roster to allow for that flexibility and responsiveness to the current need each day and have trained the deck coaches how to respond to it.

Age group leaders
Coaching Leaders in each group the ability to decide what is best for their kids to keep them moving and improving their skills, all coaches are striving to do the best possible job for the kids and strong Cuda swimmers. (Age Group Coaches coach Swimmers, Deck Coaches direct Coaches.)

Coaching Goals
*Our goal in coaching is threefold with a focus on the following

  1. To create strong Swimmers

  2. To create Community

  3. To Lead well as Coaches and Swimmers

Leadership of team is focused on raising up coaching leadership to achieve the above and that should be the focus of each coach as well.

Coach Parents please remind your coach to:
Please focus on the commitment made in the coaching contract, focus on the kids. Coaches should understand their role and do it well. Team leadership will intervene when the goals are not being met, Coaches and Leadership should all focus on the kids and their strengthening at all times. If we can be better, so they can be better then we do it. 

How do I register?  What does it cost?

Register by clicking "Click Here for Online Registration" on the top right of website.

Costs to register 1 swimmer are as follows.  Swimmer fees and t-shirt costs go down incrementally with each additional child swimming.

  • Swimmer fee: $190 
  • T-shirt: $15
  • Swimsuit: ~$30 (price varies depending on suit)
  • Team celebrations (Kick-off Party & End of Season banquet which includes team group photos and awards) - $95


Is Swim Team always this Awesome?

One of the beautiful things about the community Swim Team is the kids building friendships in their own age groups so when we attend the meets, our kids experience the bonding of swimmers that is part of the magic of Cudas.


Who can I contact for more information? | 713-385-4169 Mobile |

  • ●  Terri Tyler, Meet Management | Judges

  • ●  Cynthia Wenz, Team President and Manager

  • ●  Barbara Lilly, Team Treasurer and Steering Committee 





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